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Multi Boat Challenge – June 2017

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On a lovely sunny morning 10 Club members took on the challenge of paddling a canoe, GP boat and K1 from Club to London Road bridge and back.  This proved fiercely competitive for all who took part, and boat selection proved as important as paddling ability.  Well done to all who took part.  Results are below:

Beatrix 00:28:40 00:19:25 00:17:53 1:05:58
Katherine 00:30:50 00:25:04 00:17:16 1:13:10
Dan 00:23:40 00:16:15 00:12:42 0:52:37
Natalie 00:31:40 00:15:50 00:11:51 0:59:21
Juliet 00:22:45 00:16:40 00:13:31 0:52:56
Jenny 00:25:27 00:17:50 00:17:44 1:01:01
Sue 00:25:30 00:20:00 00:15:33 1:01:03
Kevin 00:15:30 00:18:31 00:13:50 0:47:51
Roger 00:16:00 00:16:54 00:14:17 0:47:11
Ian 00:16:00 00:16:37 00:12:34 0:45:11

Thank you also to those who organised it, marshalled the straight/turn area,  provided cakes and made teas and coffees.

Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon 2017

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Devizes Canoe Club have had another successful weekend competing in the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon.
Kevin and Paul completed their 3rd D-W together in a C2 in their fastest time of 24:35:37 and were the first club boat home on Sunday morning in the senior doubles class. Pete and Dan, paddling a K2 were the second club crew to cross the finish line in a time of 25:14:13. Unfortunately for Steve and Ian they were forced to retire after 22:29 hours at Molesey Lock, only 22 miles from the finish line due to injury.
In the Stages race all 6 Club crews completed the race. Matt and Jacob came 13th in the Junior Doubles completing the race in a time of 19:12:56. Ali and John both competed in the Senior Singles and posted times of 19:37:05 and 21:35:50 respectively. Both father and daughter crews competing in the Junior/Vet class completed the race – Bobby and Alice in a time of 21:39:23 and Matt and Charlie in 22:55:02. Paula and Lucie completed their first D-W in the Endeavour Class in a time of 26:45:43.  Well done to you all and to your Support Crews.
Also, a very big thank you to the DW Organisation and their 300 volunteers without whom the race just wouldn’t happen.
Bring on next year: 30th March – 2nd April 2018!

Waterside D 2017

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Congratulations to the 6 Club crews who completed the final race in the Waterside Series – D.  This is the longest of the Series, 34 miles from Devizes to Newbury negotiating 35 locks along the route.  With light winds and sun shine some great times were posted by all.  Club results are below:

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Matt and Jacob 5:59:56 Dan and Pete 6:10:17
Ian and Steve 6:34:50
K1 Senior Alice and Bobby 6:47:36
Ali 5:55:21
C2 Senior
  Roger and Martin 7:07:43

Full results can be found here: Waterside D Results
Please note at this stage all results are provisional.
Well done everyone!

Waterside C 2017

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With a strong tail wind the Club’s 7 crews took on the 23.5 miles and 34 locks from Pewsey to Newbury today.  All finished with some very impressive times.  Below are the provisional results:

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Matt and Jacob 4:01:35 Dan and Pete 3:42:15
Edd and Henry 3:42:32
K1 Senior Ian and Steve 4:12:06
Ali 3:41:10 Paula and Lucie 5:21:09
C2 Senior  
Roger and Martin 4:26:38

Full provisional results can be found here: Waterside C Results

Thanks also to those Club members who volunteered to marshal the car parking at the start of the race – not an easy job, but a very necessary one to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Waterside B 2017

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In some pretty challenging weather conditions today 6 Club crews took to the water at Newbury to paddle the 17.5 miles to Aldermaston and back.  Congratulations to them all!  Below are the Club results.

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Matt and Jacob 3:02:55 Pete and Dan 2:39:35
Ian and Steve 3:08:07
K2 Senior Ladies  
Lucie and Paula 4:02:05 K1 Senior
  Ali 2:55:31
C2 Senior  
Roger and Martin 3:27:24

Waterside B Results (please note these results are currently provisional)