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Lower Exe Hasler 2014

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Congratulations to the 6 paddlers who successfully completed today’s Hasler race in Exeter.  Commiserations to James who was forced to retire from his race.

It was good to see some more of our juniors taking part, James and Charlie experienced their first race today and their results show that their hard work during the winter months has certainly paid off!  Special mention should also go to Spencer and Ian who both got promotion, Spencer to Div3 and Ian to Div7.

Full Club results are below:

Div5 Spencer 01:05:02 2nd
Div8 Ian 00:44:08 1st
Div8 Emma 00:48:14 3rd
Div9 (C1) Tereza 01:08:52
U12M James 00:27:25 1st
U10M Charlie 00:33:00 2nd

Devizes to Westminster 2014

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For the second year in a row the Club had the largest single Club entry in the race, this time 26 paddlers, most of whom were new to the race and many of whom had started kayaking with the Club in the previous year.

Amongst the novices in the Senior Doubles race were Steve Bush paddling with Sam Weller, 29th overall in 22 hours 12 minutes, a new Club record.   Other novice crews were Ray Clements and Jonpaul McCourt, 45th in 23.45, and Paul Sykes and Simon Woddy, 101st in 27.20.     Ray and Jon Paul were amongst those who had started paddling through the Club’s introductory course last year.    Paul and Simon capsized 500 yards from the finish and waded through the mud to the finish at Westminster Bridge.

Neil King completed his first Senior Doubles race with Mark Bouch (on his 3rd race) in 43rd place in 23.36, and Kevin Dobson and Paul Papworth Smith completed their second Senior Doubles race in a Canadian in 79th place in 25.45.

Andy Sanigar completed the race with his brother-in-law Steve Kelly in 71st place in 25.25.  Steve lives in Norway so they had done all their training independently and only got in a kayak together on the Thursday before the race.

First timers Liza Dibble and Richard Carp completed the Endeavour class in 23.20 – at one stage they were second and finished fourth.

In the Senior Singles Mark Ball finished 18th in 21 hours.   Jill Priday completed her first race in 47th place in 29.18.

Jemima Pitceathly and Henny Lowth won the ladies Junior Doubles race in 20.59.    Along with Steve Bush and Sam Weller (Senior Doubles) and Mark Ball (Senior Singles) they also won the “Trans Class Team trophy”.

Unfortunately 8 Club paddlers, Ed Dobson, Gavin Wrobel, Roger Edwards, Ali Little, Steve and Sam New and Kevin Crabb and Derek Tate were forced to retire, through sickness and injury.

Waterside D 2014

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Well done to the 6 crews who took on the last in the Waterside Series and paddled 34 miles from Devizes to Newbury.  Below are the Club results:

K2 Senior K1 Senior
Sue and Ian 6:28:00 Ali 5:37:11
Kevin and Derek 7:29:10 Mark 6:10:22
Sam and Steve 7:54:49
Roger and Simon 7:23:14

Full results can be found here: Waterside D Results

Congratulations to you all!

Waterside C 2014

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In contrasting weather conditions (sometimes warm and sunny, sometimes heavy hail and sleet) Waterside C took place today – 23 miles along the Kennet and Avon canal from Pewsey to Newbury.  Congratulations to the 10 Devizes Canoe Club crews who took part and completed the race.  Below are the results:

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Henny and Mima 4:06:02 (2nd Junior K2 girls) Mark and Neil 3:59:16
Liza and Richard 4:09:07
Sue and Ian 4:15:02
Kevin and Derek 4:23:28
K1 Junior Sam and Steve 5:22:02
Spencer 3:43:02
K1 Senior
C2 Ali 3:38:26
Roger and Simon 4:50:00 Mark 4:06:02

Full results for the race can be found here: Waterside C Results

Thanks also to those who were prepared to give up their Sunday morning to help with the car park marshalling.

Well done everyone!

Waterside B 2014

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On a glorious, sunny morning 8 Devizes Canoe Club crews took to the water to compete in the revised course Waterside B race.  This was the first race in 2014’s Series as Waterside A had to be cancelled due to the very high water levels caused by all the rain.  The revised course used was the Waterside A course – Great Bedwyn to Newbury.  All our crews finished the race.  Club results are below:

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Henny and Mima 2:20:48 Sue and Ian 2:19:36
Kevin and Derek 2:20:09
Liza and Richard 2:21:40
K1 Junior Sam and Steve 2:49:18
Spencer 2:06:12
K1 Senior
C2 James 2:05:15
Roger and Simon 2:29:10 Mark 2:10:31

Full results for the race can be found here: Waterside B Results

Thanks also to all those who came along to help out with car park marshalling, marshalling the course, and organising the start line.

Well done everyone!

New Home for the Club

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At the Devizes Area Board meeting held on the evening of Monday 25th November, the Board unanimously voted for the community asset transfer of Lower Wharf Depot from Wiltshire Council to Devizes Canoe Club.

This is fantastic news for the Club as it will mean that in due course we will have somewhere to call home!  There is still lots of work to be done to make the site suitable for the canoe club and to create canal access but the project team are working hard on funding bids and planning applications to make the dream a reality.

At some stage during 2014 the Club will move from our current location at Devizes Wharf to the Lower Wharf site.

Club Race Day 2013

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The Club held a very successful Race Day today at Devizes Wharf.  We had lots of crews out on the water, the lack of sunshine not dampening anyone’s spirits.  Thanks to our friends from Bradford, Chippenham and Wiltshire Youth canoe clubs for coming along to boost numbers and provide some healthy competition for DCC  paddlers – we hope you enjoyed your morning!

Also thanks must go to all those club members who came along to help out – marshalling, making cakes, selling teas and coffees, taking entries and time keeping.  A lot goes into making such a day a success and without your help and support it would not be possible.  A special thank you must also go to Sue for co-ordinating everything in the run up to the event and today.

Full race results can be found here:  Race Day Results 2013

Hasler Finals 2013

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DCC had a great day out for the club at Hasler Finals in Reading yesterday the weather was great and some excellent paddling ensued.  Also some brilliant results from some of our team members.

Conor and Ali managed a fantastic hard fought 4th Place in Div3 K2, Spencer managed 8th place in Div5 narrowly missing promotion to Div 4 and Emma managed a fantastic 9th place in Div9 out of a massive field of 33 paddlers and has now been promoted to Div8.

The Club was also represented by Delia and Andy, James and Steve and Ian.  See below for full results:

K1 K2
Div 3 James 01:36:44 Div3 Conor and Ali 01:25:15 4th
Div5 Spencer 01:09:50 Div6 Andy and Delia 01:13:41
Div9 Emma 00:41:03 Promotion to Div8
Div7 Steve and Ian 00:40:18

And many thanks to our roving supporters who included Sue, Sue, Tereza, Stuart and Claire.

This has rounded off a fantastic season of Hasler racing for the Club.  Here’s hoping many more members join in the fun for next season which starts next week – Sunday 13th October down at Fowey.

Camel Hasler 2013

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Thank you to Mark and Charlie, Andy and Delia who all made the long trip to the Camel Hasler yesterday.  Club results below:

Div5 Charlie and Mark 01:01:53  3rd
Delia and Andy 01:05:49

Bradford Circuit Hasler

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Congratulations to all 21 Club paddlers who took part in Bradford-on-Avon’s Hasler race on Sunday.  The weather was glorious for spectators but might have been a bit too warm for competitors but everyone completed and we had another set of fantastic results.

Special mention must go to Howard, Lisa, Sam and Hannah who all completed their first Hasler race successfully, and to Steve who won promotion to Div7 – well done to you all!

K1 K2
Div3 Ali 01:43:02 Div1/2 Conor and James 01:31:30
Div5 Spencer 01:22:59 2nd
Div5/6 Delia and Mark 01:27:18
Div6 Howard 01:34:42 Gavin and Charles 01:28:51
Alice 01:35:33
Div8 Steve 00:43:26 1st Div7 Sue and Ian 00:41:00 2nd
Div9 Emma 00:47:55 3rd Div9 Sam and Hannah 00:52:51 2nd
Sam 00:53:20 Sue and Tereza 00:52:57 3rd
Lisa 01:02:48
U12M Joe 00:14:22 1st

Lower Exe and Estuary Hasler – 2013

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Congratulations to all 22 paddlers who took part in today’s Hasler race in Exeter.

Special mention must go to Ali and James who got promotion to Div3,  Olly who has been promoted to Div6 and  Ruby and Cameron who have been promoted to Div5 at their first Hasler race!  Also to Elliot and Fred who also took part in their first Hasler race, with good results!

Full Club results below:

Lower Exe and Estuary Hasler Race 2013 – Club Results

K1 K2
Div3 Conor 01:38:13 2nd
Div 4 James 01:01:58 2nd Div3/4 Stuart and Charles 01:52:23 4th
Ali 01:01:09 1st
Div5 Spencer 01:07:29 2nd Div5/6 Cameron and Ruby 01:05:08 2nd
Div6 Andy 01:17:46 Elliot and Fred 01:06:41 4th
Delia 01:21:26 Mark and Alice 01:11:35
Div7 Olly 00:37:16 3rd
Div8 Steve 00:41:38 4th Div7 Sue and Ian 00:38:49 3rd
Div9 Emma 00:45:44 3rd
Sam 00:47.45 4th Div9 Sue and Tereza 00:49.45

Well done everyone!
Photos to follow.

BIG 100

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The sun shone, the diesel glistened on the canal and even Ann took to the water in a K1!

The Club took part in the BCU’s ‘Go Canoeing’ week with a mass participation event at the Wharf – the aim was to get 100 paddlers on the water at the same time.  In the event we fell slightly short of the total with numbers varying between 74 and 82 depending on who you asked.  Many of our D-W team came back and paddled racing boats, our regular Sunday paddlers took to plastic boats, former members came back to see us and over 30 of the number were new to paddling.

Many thanks to Sue and Mark for organising the event and all the other club members who came down, took names and addresses, got out and put away all the boats and equipment and marshalled the paddlers on the water.  Thanks as well to Wiltshire Youth CC for the loan of a trailer of stable boats and other kit.

The event was great fun and definitely one we will try and repeat next year, though this time hopefully we will make the target!

DSC07933 DSC07932 DSC07902


Tamar Hasler 2013

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Another successful outing to the Tamar Hasler was made by several Club members on Sunday. Below are the club results:

K1 K2
Div 4 James 00:58:07 3rd Div7/8/9 Sue and Ian 00:37:12 2nd
Div5 Spencer 01:01:52 1st
Div6 Andy 01:09:06 3rd
Delia 01:13:57 4th
Div7 Olly 00:36:12 1st
Alice 00:40:12 4th
Div9 Emma 00:45:05 3rd

Devizes to Westminster Prize Giving 2013

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At a very enjoyable Prize Giving held in Newbury on 18th May we saw Sue and Tereza presented with The Senior Ladies C2 Trophy donated by Mobile Adventure and the Junior Team (comprising Conor and Ali, Toby and Sacha, Hattie and Lottie) receiving The City of London Police Cadet Cup together with certificates.

Again, many congratulations to all club members who took part in this year’s race, especially our prize winners!

DSCN0028[1] DSCN0044

Dart/Totnes Hasler 2013

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Congratulations and thanks to all those club members who made the journey to the Dart/Totnes Hasler on Sunday.  Some great results.

Special mention must go to Emma, Alice, Steve, Ian and Sue, Tereza and Sue who all took part in their first Hasler race!

Also, congratulations to Spencer who has been promoted to Div5 – well done!

K1 K2
Div 5 James 01:03:45 1st Div6 Andy and Delia 01:14:11 2nd
Div6 Spencer 01:09:00 1st Div7 Sue and Ian 00:45:46 4th
Div7 Alice 00:44:25 2nd Div9 Sue and Tereza 00:54:28 8th
Olly 00:47:35 4th
Div8 Steve 00:45:36 2nd
Div9 Emma 00:54:57 8th

Post D-W Get Together

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Last night saw paddlers and support crews get together to enjoy some paddling and a bbq at the Club.  There were about 60 of us in total!

It was a chance to catch up with each other, swap stories and celebrate personal achievements.  It was great to see some support crews having a ‘go’ in a canoe or kayak, just to get an idea of what their nearest and dearest had been doing for the past 6 months and to discover that it isn’t quite as easy as it looks! Saying that, there were very few swimmers amongst the intrepid guests.  Doubles crews also took the opportunity to swap seats with their partners – again to find out what the other one had had to put up with throughout the months of training.  Most didn’t enjoy the experience.

Our thanks must go to Sue for organising such a brilliant event and to Steve who was the master chef on the bbq.

Below are a few photos from the evening, more can be found on the Gallery.

The eveningYoungsters having a goThe Chef

D-W Results

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The final results have now been published (see Devizes to Westminster 2013 Results) and many congratulations go to:

Sue and Tereza who win the Senior Ladies C1 Trophy

Our Junior Team comprising Conor and Ali, Toby and Sacha and Hattie and Lottie who take 3rd place overall

Our Senior Team comprising Mark and Polly, Stuart and Danny and Chris and James who came 4th overall and 2nd in the Senior Civilian category and

Alice, Conor and Ali and Stuart and Danny who came 2nd in the Trans-Class Team Trophy.

Devizes to Westminster 2013

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The Club had 35 entrants in the classic annual Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon over the Easter Weekend.

One crew, Roger and Rob, were unable to start due to sickness.

In the senior doubles 5 out of our 6 crews finished.  Mark and Polly, Danny and Stuart, Chris and James all finished within 7 minutes of each other.  Gavin, who paddled with a non-club paddler also completed. Claire and Caroline finished the race despite a close encounter with a launch on the Tideway.  Unfortunately Ian and Jacky were forced to retire at Henley.

Tereza and Sue completed the straight through in a C2 in just over 31 hours. They did the race together in 1987.

In the junior doubles our highest finishers were Conor and Ali who came 4th overall. Hattie and Lottie were 2nd in the junior ladies. All 14 of the Club’s junior paddlers completed the race: David and Elliott, Kevin (with Julia from Kelly College), Cameron and Elliot, Harry and Fred, Toby and Sacha, Byron (with Emma from Dauntsey’s).

Alice and Ian both completed the senior singles.

Henry and James and Issy and James completed the race as Endeavour crews.  D-W don’t describe the Endeavour as a race – but Henry and James were 3rd!

The conditions were particularly challenging this year for all competitors with cold temperatures and an easterly headwind throughout the weekend. The senior double crews were faced with sub-zero temperatures during Saturday night which contributed to a near 50% retirement rate, and the juniors faced camping in the same conditions over the weekend.

Full results can be found at: Devizes to Westminster 2013 Results

Congratulations to all the paddlers including those who unfortunately were unable to finish this year – they had done all the hard work training over the winter but this just wasn’t their year.

Congratulations must also go to the Support Crews who gave up their Easter weekend (and a whole lot more beside) to endure the harsh conditions and support their paddlers throughout – the paddlers couldn’t do it without you.

Waterside Series Results

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Congratulations to all the Club crews who entered the Waterside races.  Each of them was a challenge in it’s own right.

9 Club crews completed all 4 races and earned the coveted T shirt!  Below are their Series placings:

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Conor and Ali 3rd Edd and James 3rd
Cameron and Elliot 8th
Toby and Sacha 10th K2 Mixed
David and Elliott 11th Polly and Mark 4th
Jacky and Ian 11th
K1 Junior
James 2nd C2
Roger and Rob 5th

Our Devizes Club Junior Team finished 2nd in the Team Series – well done!

Thanks to all at Newbury Canoe Club involved in organising the Waterside Series – well done guys, yet another great year of racing in some very challenging conditions!

Waterside D

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On a cold, snowy morning 15 Club crews braved the conditions at Devizes to attempt the 4th race in the Waterside Series – the 34 miles with 35 portages from Devizes to Newbury.  Unfortunately the weather, including near blizzard conditions at times, coupled with some sickness took their toll resulting in 4 crews having to retire at various points between Devizes and Newbury.  Well done to all for taking part.

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Conor and Ali 5.28.06 Edd and James 5.02.24  (3rd overall)
Toby and Sacha 6.36.10 Stuart and Danny 6.02.39
David and Elliott 6.57.21 Polly and Mark 6.24.29
Cameron and Elliot 7.09.12 Jacky and Ian 7.03.39
Harry and Fred 7.13.21
Spencer and Calum retired K1 Senior
Issy and Kevin retired Alice retired
K1 Junior C2
James 6.40.43 Roger and Rob 6.59.34
Tereza and Sue retired

Thanks also to Jill and Andy for marshalling at Wootton Rivers – I am sure all the paddlers appreciated your efforts at making the crossing trouble free.

Waterside C

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19 crews entered Waterside C – the 3rd race in the Series, 23 miles and 35 locks from Pewsey to Newbury.   The canal had frozen overnight, so paddlers were faced with a lot of running as well as the portaging which made the event particularly challenging.  As with previous races all our crews finished and there were some excellent performances.

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Conor and Ali 3:34:01 Edd and James 3:24:15
Cameron and Elliot 4:30:12 Stuart and Danny 3:48:32
Spencer and Calum 4:31:32 Polly and Mark 3:53:30
David and Elliott 4:36:24 Henry and James 4:20:04
Hattie and Lottie 4:36:31 (2nd in class) Jacky and Ian 4:35:27
Harry and Fred 4:39:38 Delia and Claire 5:01:50
Issy and Kevin 4:48:37
David and Byron 4:53:09 K1 Senior
Toby and Sacha 4:55:10 Alice 5:12:19
K1 Junior C2
James 4:03:52 Roger and Rob 4:37:46
Tereza and Sue 6:05:04

Thanks to those Club members who came along and helped with car park marshalling and serving teas and coffees at the start.

Well done everyone!

Waterside B

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13 Devizes crews entered the notorious Waterside B race which lived up to expectations with a number of bridge strikes and swims (not all by Club members – but bad luck to those who ended up in the water).  All our crews finished, results below:

K2 Junior K2 Senior
Conor and Ali 2:28:01 (3rd overall) Edd and James 2:20:02
Spencer and Calum 3:02:21 Mark and Polly 2:46:28
Cameron and Elliot 3:05:30 Jacky and Ian 3:10:13
Hattie and Lottie 3:10:31
Toby and Sacha 3:16:42 C2
Issy and Kevin 3:17:05 Roger and Rob 3:18:50
David and Elliott 3:26:44 Tereza and Sue 4:16:23
K1 Junior
James 2:59:55

Well done everyone!

Waterside A

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 17 Club crews took part in the Waterside A race – Great Bedwyn to Newbury (13.5 miles with 21 portages to negotiate) on Sunday 3rd February. Everyone completed the race and posted great times. Below are the results:
K2 Junior
Conor and Ali 1:53:26
Spencer and Calum 2:20:59
Cameron and Elliot 2:25:57
David and Elliott 2:26:13
Toby and Sacha 2:28:32
Issy and Kevin 2:32:50
Harry and Fred 2:33:39
David and Byron 2:39:47
K1 Junior
James 2:13:55
K1 Senior
Alice 2:48:19
K2 Senior
Edd and James 1:48:41
Polly and Mark 2:09:22
Henry and James 2:23:32
Jacky and Ian 2:30:07
Harriet and Claire 2:33:45
Roger and Rob 2:33:33
Sue and Tereza 3:17:37
Congratulations to everyone!

DCC Awards 2012

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The Club’s annual awards evening was held on Thursday 18th October at the Wharf, after a short training session.  A lovely finger buffet was laid on, and drinks were served.  It was a pleasant way to have some social time with fellow club members in the warm and dry.

Ann had to step into the Chair’s shoes as he was out on the road.  She provided a brief run down on the Club’s success over the past year and then Paul presented the Club’s annual awards.  Winners were: